The Relationship Challenge you and Your Partner Need to Take Right Now

A recent news article just reported that the average American adult spends over 11 hours per day listening to, watching, reading or interacting with media. Wait. What?

That is nearly half a day. And when you figure the average person is only awake about 14-16 hours…that leaves a very small window of time to actually connect with the people and things around you.

Feeling pretty frustrated over this reality, I sat down to reflect and I came up with a fun, 15 day “challenge” for ways C.J. and I could better connect with one another. He was definitely skeptical at first - but was into it after just 3 days! YES!

After doing this challenge, I can genuinely say that C.J. and I were more focused on each other and less focused on the technology around us.

So, I’m letting you in on our top 3 favorites from the challenge:

Hold Hands

Did you know that holding hands not only decreases cortisol, the stress hormone, but it also increases oxytocin, the love hormone? Yes! Holding hands is such a simple, but affectionate gesture. Even if you are just at home sitting side by side, make a conscious effort to reach over and hold your partner’s hand.

Call Him At an Unexpected Time

So here I am talking about how we need to disconnect from technology, then I tell you to call your partner, ha! I know. But really, chances are, during your 9-5 workweek grind, you and your partner are working two different jobs. Since you can’t physically see each other, make a quick phone call. Hearing one another’s voices is more intimate than sending a text message. A good time to do this might be on the drive to or from work, or on a lunch hour.

Try Something New Together

Now, I’m not encouraging you to go sky diving (of course, if that’s your thing - hell, go for it)! Trying anything new together creates an experience unique to just the two of you and strengthens your bond as a couple. This can be something as little as trying a new restaurant or cooking a new food.

Ready to change those statistics? Duh, of course you are! I made our challenge available to you…and it’s totally free! So, grab your cheat sheet, a glass of wine, and start digging into these cute, simple ways for you and your partner to stay connected over the next 2 weeks. Follow the prompts in order, or be adventurous and skip around. ;)


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