5 Questions to Ask your Wedding Makeup Artist Revealed: An Interview with MUA Lindsey Rose


Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, and definitely a day you want to look and feel your absolute best. Which is why I teamed up with local wedding makeup artist, Lindsey Rose, to answer some burning questions about how to further enhance your beauty on the big day including the latest bridal makeup trends for 2019!

Ange: What advice can you offer to brides with extra sensitive skin?


If you have sensitive skin it is best to first see a dermatologist to find out if you have an allergy to a specific ingredient. If they are not able to determine what is causing the sensitivity, we could work together to come up with a plan of action. I would find out what products you've used in the past that caused irritation and what products didn't. And if I needed to purchase specific products for you, I will. This is why a makeup trial is so necessary. We find out not only what colors work with your vision for you wedding day but you also get to see how the makeup feels and how your skin reacts. 

Ange: The wedding day is such a long day! How can brides ensure their makeup will withstand tears and extreme weather conditions?


I carefully and lightly layer the makeup in a way that makes it sweat and tear proof. Your makeup will not budge. I use moisturizers, eye and skin primers, long wearing products, setting powders and a setting spray. I use waterproof products on the eyes as well. I always recommend my brides bring a lipstick and a touch up powder with them to use throughout their day. One of the services I offer for my brides is the option to have me come touch them up before the reception. I give the makeup a quick little refresh so they don't have to stress over it themselves. Usually this is nothing more than some powder, lipstick, and maybe a little more blush. Some of my brides decide to add a little something as well. Like black eyeliner on their bottom waterline to make their makeup slightly more dramatic for their reception or adding more depth to their eyeshadow.

Ange: A big concern brides have for their wedding day is how they can look glam, but still like themselves. What advice would you offer brides wanting to acheive a natural glam look?


Achieving a glam look that isn't too dramatic really is as simple as wearing false lashes. They transform the makeup instantly and really do make all the difference in photographs. Another great way to be a little more glam without going too far outside of your comfort zone is lipstick. If you're like me and the only lip product you use on a daily basis is something like chapstick (I use MAC lip conditioner - I swear by it) simply using a pinky nude lipstick with a light liner to define your lips really does step up your glam look.  So, say YES to false lashes and understand I want your makeup to show up in photographs. It will be a touch heavier than you normally would do but it won't be uncomfortable and it will last!

Ange: How can brides determine which look will work best with their complexion?


Determining the best look for your complexion is exactly what a trial is perfect for! We have a few minutes before we start where I ask a lot of questions about what you like, what your wear on a normal basis and how you see yourself on your wedding day. It's best to pull inspiration from the red carpet rather than Instagram trends. You want to be the best version of yourself on your big day! Neutrals on the eyes are always my go to for brides. The colors are timeless. And darker shades in the same color family can add drama without looking like you're going to a club! 

Ange: What wedding makeup trends are you seeing thus far in 2019?


The biggest trend that I'm seeing for 2019 is the same trend I've been seeing for years. Every bride wants to still look like themselves. But a much more glammed up version! I contour by enhancing the natural contours of your face and don't try to change your bone structure completely. Every bride wants their eyes to pop and sparkle! Usually, a little shimmer on the lid and a beautiful pair of fluffy lashes do exactly that. Glowy skin is always a popular piece of the makeup that my brides ask for. That part of the makeup starts with you! The best thing you can do for that is drink plenty of water and make sure you're eating your fruits and veggies! It really makes a huge different in your skin! Along with exfoliating a few times a week and moisturizing daily. 

About Lindsey Rose:

Lindsey Rose is a freelance makeup artist based out of West Caldwell, NJ. In 2011, she attended Makeup Designory in Burbank, California where she learned beauty and special FX makeup. This experience gave her a great base for understanding face shapes and learning the very basics of makeup. Working at MAC for 6 1/2 years, Lindsey was given the opportunity to work with every skin tone, face and eye shape possible. Lindsey left MAC in October 2018 to focus on her true passion of making people feel and look beautiful on the biggest and most important day of their lives.

I absolutely love being able to have such an important role in their days! When brides are sitting in my chair, I strive to do everything possible to keep them calm and relaxed on their special day. When you are getting your makeup done it should be the least stressful part of the morning. And hopefully one of the most fun! 

Lindsey will be on site at our “Bridal Brunch” event on April 24, from 7-8:30 pm discussing the perfect look for your big day and giving away a FREE makeup trial valued at over $125! Spots are limited, so reserve your space now! You can register for this fun, free event here!

Browse through some of Lindsey’s work below. All photos have been untouched and unedited. To connect with Lindsey and see more of her work follow her on Instagram @makeupbylindseyrose

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