My Favorite Go-To Clean Skin Care Products

When it comes to my self-care routine, I want safe, real ingredients I can pronounce. Below are my go-to list of products that I absolutely cannot live without. I LOVE knowing that I am using clean, conscious products on my skin with no artificial or synthetic additives. Another major plus is that many of the ingredients listed below contain certified organic ingredients.

Image Source: Primally Pure

Image Source: Primally Pure

01. Primally Pure Charcoal Deodorant

Unlike most natural deodorants I have used in the past, this stuff actually WORKS. I have to warn you though, there was definitely a 1-2 week period when I did sweat more and felt stinky, but after my body adjusted, I was so happy I gave this deo a try and stuck with it. This guy is made with activated charcoal to deodorize and disinfect. There are other scents which you can check out here.

Image Source: Primally Pure

Image Source: Primally Pure

02. Primally Pure Lip Balm

Contains tallow from grass-fed cows, coconut oil and shea butter. Essential oils are used for fragrance and added nourishment. I use peppermint and love the burst of freshness (especially if I don’t have gum or a mint on hand)! Purchase here.

03. Cocokind Skin Care Products

I grouped all of my Cocokind Products into one category because they make up the bulk of my skin care routine. When I first tested this skincare line, I tried the facial cleansing oil. I was looking for a gentler cleanser for my skin. The old product I was using had a harsh drying effect. I felt like my pH balance was way off. My skin would feel super dry after washing, but would get oily throughout the day. I was intrigued by the research I had done regarding oil-based cleansers so I gave their facial cleansing oil a try. I fell in love with the way this oil both cleaned and moisturized my skin. I no longer had that dried out feeling immediately after washing…and wouldn’t you know, my skin actually felt less oily! Here is a breakdown of my favorites:


Facial Cleansing Oil

Rosewater Facial Toner

Golden Elixir

Eye Makeup Remover

2-3 x’s Week:

Sea Moss Exfoliator

Chlorophyll Mask


04. Organic Coconut Oil

Used as a skin moisturizer or deep hair conditioner treatment. I apply this to my skin directly after a shower and to my hair 1 x month for 1-2 hours prior to washing.

Photo Credit: Headed Somewhere

Photo Credit: Headed Somewhere

05. Lavender and Tea Tree Essential Oils

Tea Tree: I mix tea tree with a carrier oil (I use coconut oil) as a spot treatment for acne breakouts when stress and hormones give me issues. This oil is very powerful, so be sure to do a test patch and mix well with a carrier. A little goes a long way. I create a mixture of 1 TBLS coconut oil with 2-3 drops of tea tree and store in an amber glass jar (oils are sensitive to light).

Lavender: I love to add some drops of lavender to my coconut oil before applying as a skin moisturizer. I also create a pillow spray to encourage relaxation at bedtime. Just a little spritz on our pillows using this recipe:

  • 1 tablespoon Unscented Witch Hazel

  • 15-20 drops Lavender Essential Oil

  • Fill the rest with distilled water

  • Amber or Cobalt Glass Spray Bottle

Also, I haven’t tried it yet, but this facial mask from Headed Somewhere looks rather interesting.

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Angela S